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Bakerzin @ Suntec City Mall II

Yes! We are back at Bakerzin again! The cheapos in us tell us to utilise the 20% birthday month promotion! And we definitely want to try more cakes and bakes from them. 🙂


Free flow bread for any order. A generous gesture I think, like what Cafe Cartel does. But I’m not really much of a bread person other than the usual baguette and Gardenia!

Bakerzin - Lamb Stew Pasta

My order of Lamb Stew Pasta. I love lamb, especially lamb shank stewed with rustic vegetables.

Bakerzin’s attempt to infuse lamb into spaghetti is a bold one. Beef in Bolognaise yes, but lamb… curiously bold indeed.

Bakerzin - Lamb Stew Pasta

On the whole, this dish didn’t work too well for us. The lamb wasn’t done well and reeked of an odour characteristic of well…. lamb. Not sure if English has a word for it but in Mandarin Chinese, its basically 羊膻味. We attributed this to two factors. (1) The chunks of meat used probably came from rather “old” lambs. Now this seems much like an oxymoron, since lambs are essentially the young of sheep so how big can they get?! But “younger” lambs tend to have more tender meat with a subtler taste. Rumour has it that the musky odour develops with age and becomings full-bodied after they become in heat. The “lamb” used for this dish gave us the impression that its no longer virginal! (2) Despite the tan look, the taste was too docile and tamed for us, definitely not sufficient to cover the pungency of the lamb musk. Not herby and not flavourful enough…

Apart from that, the dish on the whole is a tad too dry for us. The first and probably the last…

Bakerzin - Unagi Tofu Rice Cake

Unagi Tofu Rice Cake, served with an assortment of sauteed vegetables.

We ordered this as part of coupon redemption of a “free side dish” that came with my membership subscription and when it was served we were….. flabbergasted. The serving size was generous! Much like a full-fledged main course. Two fat slabs of grilled eel kabayaki-style served on a “rice cake” likening MOS Rice Burgers with lots of dried nori on top. Two rectangular “cakes” of silken tofuy drizzled with probably the same sweet and savoury sauce used for grilling unagi. The entire dish might not have been cooked from scratch (Unagi is probably a pre-fab product) at Bakerzin but we were quite contented with the overall dynamics this dish brought out.  Sauteed vegetables included a good selection of carrot, zucchini, squash, baby lettuce and tomato.

Bakerzin - Mango Mousse

Mango Mousse for dessert. We love everything mango! From mango pudding to Taiwan’s 芒果挫冰 and Hong Kong 糖水 fav, 杨枝甘露… yes we love anything mango! But having tried so many good and not-so-good mango desserts naturally comes expectations. We were apprehensive about ordering this. strawberries (fraise), raspberries (framboise) and blackcurrant (cassis) are familiar faces we see in French patisserie but mango… hmm. but being mango lovers, we felt compelled to try! And we were not disappointed!

Bakerzin - Mango Mousse

The cake has mango mousse sandwiched between two layers of light finger sponge. Rectangular chunks of “mango jelly”were encased within the mouse layer. Despite being a sponge, the cake layers did not have a chiffon-like lightness, Instead, it has a more dense, genoise-like texture. Mango mousse was refreshing and sweet, breaking the monotony of the earlier savoury dishes. In other words, doing what a dessert should do. The “mango jelly” was a pleasant surprise, and has a gelatinous, somewhat pectin-like texture in the mouth. Overall, we felt that the assembly was very well thought through

Bakerzin (Suntec City)
3 Temasek Boulevard
#B1-016 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

Operating Hours
Daily: 10.30am – 10pm


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