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Tampopo Deli @ Liang Court

Nothing like a good dessert after a hearty meal. And we had not only one, but three!

Tampopo Deli

After lunch @ Tampopo Restaurant, we went to the basement of Liang Court at Tampopo Deli! Also under the same helm as Tampopo Restaurant to Creative Food Concept (CFC) , Tampopo Deli is well-known, especially amongst the Japanese expat community for delicious, affordable meal takeaways and japanese-french patisserie.

Tampopo Deli

Tart Pudding “Magic”, a “new” item on their menu that day. a delicious custard creme pudding that sits on top of a shortcrust tart pastry. The assembly is topped with caramel sauce and a gollop of whipped cream.

The velvety texture of the “purin” custard fused perfectly with the bitter-sweetness from the caramel sauce. The tart base was also slightly overdone, rendering it tan brown and slightly charred on the edges. Pockets of air bubbles are also found on the custard. But we can condone these blemishes so easily as this dessert is simply scrumptous! Comfort food indeed…

Tampopo Deli

Mont Blanc is one of Tampopo Deli’s signature desserts and is immensely popular amongst both the Japanese and local crowd. And after trying it, its not difficult to know why. Using the same tart pastry as the “Tart pudding ‘Magic'” as a foundation, the insides was fresh cream cream to conceal a chestnut candied in sugar syrup. The top is crowned with piped sweetened chestnut puree spaghetti and dusted with icing sugar and half a toasted walnut. It is simply delish and totally blew our minds away. The lavishness of chestnut exploded in our mouths with every bite. What bliss…

Tampopo Deli

Mango Tart while the other two looks on…

We enjoyed the the first two desserts immensely. The mango tart was less overwhelming than the earlier two and now in retrospect, we seem to have gotten the “eating order” wrong, and should have started with this somewhat “lighter” piece compared to the other two more robust fellas. Mango Tart has a puff pastry base filled with luxurious cream and large chunks of fresh mango. It is quite delightful, but just didn’t make an impact as what the other two did… our fault really… :/


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