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Simple Eats – Banana Nut Cake

Banana Nut Cake

This is a recipe which I’d been using for years. Whenever there are bananas in are too riped for eating (read: very squishy mushy and brown patches on the skin!), they are simply perfect for a banana cake!

The recipe comes from “Malaysian Cakes & Desserts” published under “Periplus Mini Cookbooks” series. I remember getting the book about 10 years back from the now defunct “My EPB Bookstore”.

Banana Nut Cake


150g very ripe bananas

150g butter

150g castor sugar

150g self-raising flour*

3 medium eggs, beaten

2 teasp lime juice

pinch of bicarbonate of soda*

Banana Nut Cake


– Line the base of an 18 cm round or square cake tin with greaseprood or parchment paper and brush the sides lightly wih softened butter.

– Preheat oven to 170 °C

– Mesh bananas in a small bowl with a fork and stir in lime juice. The latter is used to activate the bicarbonate of soda.

– Cream butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Pour in the beaten eggs in small progressions, beating well between additions.

– Sieve the flour and bicarbonate of soda

– Fold half of the dry ingredients* into the wet ingredients mixture carefully without stirring or beating the mixture too much. This would work the gluten and toughen the cake.

– Incorporate the mashed bananas and lime juice mixture and then finally the rest of the dry ingredients.

– Turn the mixture into the prepared tin

– One may hollow out the middle slightly, preventing the cake from raising into a dome in the centre.

– Bake in the preheated oven for 40 min. Test the cake by inserting a toothpick or satay stick in the centre. It should come out clean withing sticky batter adhering to it if the cake is done.

– Allow the cake to cool in the tin for another 10 min before running a knife around the edges and turning it out to cool on a wire tray.

Banana Nut Cake

At first glance, this sounds almost like a pound cake recipe, as the basic composition of sugar, flour, eggs and butter in equal proportions. The addition of bicarbonate of soda is for some extra lightness while bananas create a very Asian touch.

I made some modifcations to the recipe this time. I had some oat & nut mixture which had been sitting around for sometime and lost some of its crunch. I thought the cake would do well with these incorporated. In turn, I cut down on the banans as I had only 2 medium-sized ones left! For a more aromatic cake, I’d added a teeny bit of vanilla essence.

In short, this is a very simple recipe ideal for beginners and a lot of variation  can be achieved from the basic pound cake recipe with your own innovation.


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