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Malaysian Food Fest Penang Month Round-Up

It had been a long and eventful month for MFF Penang and it is with mixed feelings that it has finally come to an end. The few weeks prior to June was particularly gruelling, having no clue on what to cook and what to present. Like the other MFF events, whipping up dishes for Penang MFF provided an opportunity for me to get to know more, not only about the food in Penang but also the people behind them.

A big thank you to one and all who has taken the time to come up with these delectable dishes. Many of you like Cynthia, Amie, Lena, Phong Hong, Cindy, Doreen, Mary … etc shown great support by whipping up multiple dishes. The event also drew the attention of several Penangites who had expressed interest or shown concern over the authenticity of the dishes prepared. Well, the objective of MFF is to promote the awareness of some of these localised dishes, some of which are already dying in the trade as we speak. While staying true to the originality of the actual dish is important, it is not of utmost priority… at least not for me. What was more important, is the effort put in and willingness to try, despite the need to venturing into unfamiliar and undulating terrain to prepare dishes which one has never tried before, both in cooking and in eating. So kudos to you all! Now you can really say that you’d been there and done that!

Generating awareness and interest in local cuisine is surely one key proponent to keep a culture alive and thriving, while being overtly critical and negative is surely one to drive a nail into its coffin. This is the case with many niche culinary cultures around the world and I see it happening right before our eyes in some of these communities near home. While we welcome criticisms, we’d also hoped that comments stayed constructive in the spirit to encourage and impart, instead of an attempt to condemn without a desire to correct. It wasn’t so rosy and pink but all in all, most things went smoothly and well, and it would not have been possible without the unfailing encouragement from friends like Shannon, Wendy, Veronica, Bee Bee and Annie.

So here are the 77 entries which I had received for MFF Penang. Hope you’d enjoy the photos and recipes as much as I did!

Starters, Snacks and Appetisers 
DSC_6105 s
Nyonya Roti Babi from Alan of Travellingfoodies
DSC_5979 s
Kerabu Bok Hnee from Alan of Travellingfoodies
DSC_5786 s
Kerabu Kacang Botol from Alan of Travellingfoodies
DSC_3402 s
Penang Otak Otak from Alan of Travellingfoodies
Acar Awak Doreen
Acar Awak from Doreen of my little favourite DIY
Achar Shannon
Penang Acar from Shannon of JustAsDelish
Acar Cindy
Acar Awak from Cindy of Yummy Little Cooks
Hainanese Spring Rolls Doreen
Hainanese Spring Rolls from Doreen of my little favourite DIY
Jeruk Mangga Fareezah
Jeruk Mangga  from Faeezah of BitterSweetSpicy
Penang Otak Veronica
Penang Otak Otak from Veronica of Peng’s Kitchen
Nyoya Acar
Nyonya Acar from Mary of A Pepper’s Love
Penang Otak Otak Mary
Penang Otak Otak from Mary of A Pepper’s Love
Choon Piah Sonia
Choon Pheah from Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover
acar awak wendy
Acar Awak from Wendy of Table for 2…..or More
kerabu paku  wendy
Kerabu Pucuk Paku from Wendy of Table for 2…..or More
hainanese spring rolls wendy
Penang Hainanese Spring Roll from Wendy of Table for 2…..or More
hainanese pork satay penang 4
Penang Hainanese Pork Satay from Wendy of Table for 2…..or More
Otak Otak HK Choo
Penang Otak-otak From HK Choo of Jottings of Life
acar awak Sharon
Acar Awak from Sharon of Feats of Feasts
Rojak Phong Hong
Penang Rojak from Phong Hong of Phong Hong Bakes

Staples and One Dish Meals 
DSC_5439 s
Penang Char Koay Teow 槟城炒粿条 from Alan of Travellingfoodies
Nyonya Fried Rice Bee Bee
Nonya Fried Rice from Bee Bee of HoneyBeeSweets
Asam Laksa Shannon
Asam Laksa from Shannon of JustAsDelish
Asam Laksa Veronica
Penang Assam Laksa from Veronica of Peng’s Kitchen
Char Koay Teow Kelly
Penang Char Koay Teow from Kelly of Kelly Siew Cooks
Mee Rebus Fareezah
Mee Rebus from Faeezah of BitterSweetSpicy
curry mee penang vivian
Penang Curry Mee from Vivian of Vivian Pang Kitchen
Penang Asam Laksa Mary
Penang Asam Laksa from Mary of A Pepper’s Love
Char Kak Tze
Penang Char Koay Kak from Tze of Awayofmind Bakery House
Laksa Faeezah
Asam Laksa from Faeezah of BitterSweetSpicy
Fried Rice phong hong
Nonya Fried Rice from Phong Hong of Phong Hong Bakes
Ulam Lena
Nasi Ulam Nyonya from Lena of Frozen Wings
Char Koay Teow Veronica
Penang Char Koay Teow from Veronica of Peng’s Kitchen
Kerabu Beehoon Veronica
Kerabu Beehoon from Veronica of Peng’s Kitchen
char koay kak grace
Char Koay Kak from Grace of Life can be simple
Prawn Mee Hody
Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee from Hody of Cook 4 you & me
Penang Char Koay Teow from Tze of Awayofmind Bakery House
Oh Mee Cynthia
Oh Mee from Cynthia of Kimmy’s Cooking Pleasure
Nasi lemak Amie
Nasi Lemak from Amie of  Amie’s Little Kitchen
prawn mee esther
Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee from Esther of The Fuss Free Chef

Meat and Vegetable Dishes 
DSC_5706 s
Lok Bak from Alan of Travellingfoodies
DSC_5512 s
Jiu Hu Char from Alan of Travellingfoodies
Dalca Daging Che Jah Amie
Daging Goreng Rempah from Faeezah of BitterSweetSpicy
Loh Bak Cass Tan
Lor Bak from Cass Tan of 揾到食
Kapitan Curry Chicken Christine Choy
Kapitan Chicken Curry from Christine of Food @HomeSweetHome
Kari Kapitan Bee Bee
Kari Kapitan from Bee Bee of HoneyBeeSweets
Kari Ikan Fareezah
Kari Ikan from from Faeezah of BitterSweetSpicy
jiuhuchar vivian
Jiu Hu Char from Vivian of Vivian Pang Kitchen
cuttlefish salad vivian
Jiu Hu Eng Chai from Vivian of Vivian Pang Kitchen
Jiu Hu Char Mary
Jiu Hu Char from Mary of A Pepper’s Love
inche kabin wendy
Inche Kabin from Wendy of Table for 2…..or More
penang hong bak wendy
Penang Nonya Hong Bak from Wendy of Table for 2…..or More
belanda hu wendy
Belanda Hu from Wendy of Table for 2…..or More
Jiu Hu Char Lena
Jiu Hu Char from Lena of Frozen Wings
Jiu Hu Char Veronica
Penang Jiu Hu Char from Veronica of Peng’s Kitchen
Lor Bak Jeannie
Lor Bak from Jeannie of Baking Diary
Gula Ayam Grace
Gulai Ayam from Grace of Life can be simple
Dalca Daging Che Jah Amie
 Dalca Daging Che Jah from Amie of  Amie’s Little Kitchen
SS Fish Ivy
Penang Nyonya Sweet Sour Fish from Ivy of simply beautiful and healthy living
kari kapitan Ivy
Kari Kapitan from Ivy of simply beautiful and healthy living
Kari Kapitan Amie
Kari Kapitan from Amie of  Amie’s Little Kitchen
Kari Kepala Ikan Amie
Kari Kepala Ikan Che Jah from Amie of  Amie’s Little Kitchen
KK Phong Hong
Kari Kapitan from Phong Hong of Phong Hong Bakes
Lor Bak Cynthia
Lor Bak from Cynthia of Kimmy’s Cooking Pleasure
Asam Pedas Ikan Cynthia
Ikan Assam Pedas from Cynthia of Kimmy’s Cooking Pleasure

Desserts and Kuihs 
DSC_5888 s
Penang Hoon Kuih from Alan of Travellingfoodies
tee nya kuih wendy
Tee Nya Kuih from Wendy of Table for 2…..or More
Muah Ji Bee Bee
Muah Chee from Bee Bee of HoneyBeeSweets
Muah Chee Shannon
Muar Chee from Shannon of JustAsDelish
Tambun Pheah Doreen
Tambun Pheah from Doreen of my little favourite DIY
Tau Sah Piah Cindy
Tau Sar Piah from Cindy of Yummy Little Cooks
Pulut Tai Tai Cindy
Pulut Tai Tai from Cindy of Yummy Little Cooks
Pengat Cindy
Pengat Pisang from Cindy of Yummy Little Cooks
Pulut Hitam Mary
Bubur Pulut Hitam from Mary of A Pepper’s Love
hoon kuih wendy
Hoon Kuih from Wendy of Table for 2…..or More
Chang Lena
Nyonya Chang from Lena of Frozen Wings
Penang Hoon Kuih Edith
Penang Hoon Kueh from Edith of Rumbling Tummy
Kuih Bengka Beras from Annie of Annielicious Food

Thank you for all your wonderful support and help rendered. Do continue to join us in the fun as we travel slightly south now for the month of July to Selangor. Hop over to Shannon’s blog for the details.


7 responses

  1. oh.. lot of nice dishes… jaw open!! where is the oyster porridge?

    Wong, BestPenangFood.com

    July 1, 2013 at 3:47 pm

  2. Well done Alan!

    July 1, 2013 at 4:29 pm

  3. A great array of wonderful tasty dishes to drool over….really impressive!

    July 2, 2013 at 12:00 am

  4. Hi Alan, thanks for hosting MFF Penang. From here I got to know more about our Penang food and will work harder to find out more about its authenticity. Most recipes are from our nenek moyang and cooked to suit the family’s tastes and preferences [health wise too] which contributes to the variations. Anyway, all are wonderful food to be enjoyed and I hope I can find time to try each and everyone of them.

    July 2, 2013 at 2:37 pm

  5. Thats a very long list! thanks =) There’s many new restaurant in Penang opening up. So does themed cafes around Georgetown! Hope to see your review on those =)

    February 21, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    • Alan (travellingfoodies)

      yeah, we cooked up quite a variety of dishes which hopefully did Penang cuisine some justice :) I would love to travel up to Penang and do some reviews of those themed cafes you’d mentioned. Thanks for the info!

      March 9, 2014 at 10:36 am

  6. Pingback: Introduction to Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Food: Malaysia Food Fest | JustAsDelish.com

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