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麥文記麵家 Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop @ Hong Kong

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I remember eating at 麥文記麵家 Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop once many years back and it was seriously good. But in Hong Kong, one is literally spoilt for choices when it comes to wantan mee. Noodle shops selling wantan mee can be found practically every other street! But when it comes to getting to know the “reputably good”, one must mention the 香港5大雲吞麺家  “Wantan Mee Famous Five” in Hong Kong,  麥奀雲吞麺家 “Mak An Kee” in Sheung Wan, 麥奀記 (忠記) 麵家 “Mak An Chung Kee” Noodle in Central, 麥文記麵家 “Mak Man Kee” in Jordan, 何洪記 “Hung Man Kee” in Causeway Bay, 正斗 “Tasty Congee and Noodles” in Happy Valley. Their roots can be traced back to the original 池記 “Chee Kee” in Guangzhou China, where all of the “founders” of Famous Five apprenticed. Since then, they have been highly regarded and held as the benchmark of wantan mee in Hong Kong. But are they really that good?

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Truth be told, we ain’t really here for the wantan mee. Just next door is 澳洲牛奶公司 Australian Dairy Company which serves one helluva wicked scrambled eggs with butter on toast is closed for the day when we visited!!! Boo hoo!!! Need to remember this for our future trips! Closed every Thursday!
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J’s 叉烧捞麺 Dried char siew noodles. One look and I knew that J is not gonna enjoy it. And true enough… The noodles were too hard, too springy and chewy in an overzealous way.  But this is a very busy shop all day round, all year round. Business is brisk with diners come and go quickly. Hardly a place to make small chat.  Service is very swift and prompt and so was the cooking of the noodles. A little too fast and prompt to our liking. Cooking them down to soften them a tad more would probably do more justice.

And then there is the char siew… portion was rather generous,  thickly sliced slabs forming a small molehill on top of the noodles. But void of the sticky gooey marinade sauce and maltose glaze, they hardly look any appetising. In fact, the exterior of the char siew looked so pale and drab as if they had been rinsed or drenched in water. Quite disappointing really.
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I had my favorite 南乳猪手捞麺 Braised Pig Trotters Noodles in dried form. Texture of the noodles is still a problem for us, perhaps this was the way the current chef makes them now as I do not remember it being so much less enjoyable during our previous visits. The noodles on my plate turned out slightly better than J’s. At least there was some sauce from the braised pig trotters permeating through the strands. And because the noodles themselves were quite dry to start with, they happily soaked up the flavours from the braising sauce. That said, the pig trotters were very good! Very well braised and seasoned and full of flavour. Lovin’ all that wonderfully wobbly collagen of course.

So for a truly Hong Kong experience, you may wish to try the wantan noodles at Mak Man Kee. But be forewarned, being famous does not necessarily mean that they are good.

麥文記麵家 Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop

佐敦白加士街51號地下, Hong Kong

51 Parkes Street G/F, Jordan, Hong Kong

Nearest MTR: Jordan MTR Exit A or C2


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5 responses

  1. Chok Yew Keong

    Hahaha … I like eating there as well, usually after the Australian Dairy Company 🙂 … for the dry noodle, have to get the Oyster sauce from them (I think additional HK$1 per serving) to go with the noodle, else too dry like what you said. I tried the 虾子捞面 which I go with the Oyster sauce as well 🙂

    July 23, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    • Alan (travellingfoodies)

      haha next time I’ll just order the 牛腩捞面 like what I usually order…

      July 23, 2013 at 6:04 pm

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