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Banana and Cocoa Chiffon バナナとココアシフォン

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A quick post for a lazy Friday… TGIF! Banana-themed bakes usually comes to mind when one has overripened remnants of an unfinished comb at home. And for me, its no exception. My default bake is a classic banana butter cake, from a recipe which I’d been using since the days when I started baking. In fact, it was my very first cake! I remember being totally overwhelmed by the sweetness and aroma of a banana cake when I was very young, in much disbelief that its actually from the yellow-skinned fruit which I’d so used to eating. How drastically the flavours transformed upon cooking!

But this time round, I’d crave for a lighter cake and a chiffon seemed the most apt! Banana with chocolate had always been best pals for eternity. I remember when I was in Rockhampton, Australia more than 10 years back, my pals and I bought bananas and chocolate from a nearby Woolsworth. Dipped fresh bananas in melted down chocolate and set them in the chiller… Sheer bliss! But I was too lazy to melt chocolate last night. So I guess Valrhona cocoa powder would do just fine. So here it is, an impromptu Banana and Cocoa Chiffon バナナとココアシフォン 🙂



Reviving Memories…Pandan Chiffon

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For a lot of us, pandan chiffon is one cake which has a special place in our hearts. It is probably THE cake which we eat the most often when we were young, staples from the old- school neighbourhood confectioneries, which were usually characterised by rotating ceiling fans, and small mozaic tile floors. It existed long before the chicken floss coated mayonaise buns, and would probably continue to exist long after the latter fade off one day. Its popularity seem to run alongside other familiar favorites like egg tarts, napkin butter sponge cake and hae bee hiam soft buns.

Yuzu Chiffon ゆずシフォンケーキ

Yuzu Chiffon

The original idea was to make a matcha chiffon with a newly acquired chiffon mold. While rampaging through my box of  ingredients from our recent trip to Kansai, I suddenly remembered that I’d not made anything with the yuzu powder we’d brought back! So an immediate switch of plans to make a yuzu chiffon instead!