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Fromage Melon

Fromage Melon

When I first saw photos of Kki’s Fromage Melon posted by some folks who had sampled the mousse creation over flickr, I was first captivated by its simplicity – a fromage blanc mousse with a piece of rockmelon gelée over a sable breton base. Though I would very much like to, I’d not visited Kki ケーキas yet to try their creations. But I’d read and heard very good things about the place and hence, find no excuse not to visit this pastisserie tucked within the streets of Ang Siang Hill. But before I do that, I thought about creating my own version of Fromage Melon, harnassing inspiration from Kki’s original work, rather than a re-creation or an adaptation.

Strictly speaking, this can’t be called my own recipe, as its quite simply a collage of several recipes for the various components in this creation



Simple Eats – Feather Light Fromage Blanc Cheesecake

One of the dining places we used to frequent over weekends was Ichiban, a Japanese restaurant at Parkway Parade as J loved the Tori Katsu Curry there. They have a loyalty card system where diners get a stamp for every 20 dollars spent. The stamps are then redeemable for free food items or dining vouchers. Many a times, we find ourselves falling short of just a few bucks to getting another stamp and of course the stack of Ichiban Fiesta Japanese Cheesecake sitting beside the cashier’s was the best option to “top up our bill”. Over time, we grew to love this cheesecake, buying it at every opportunity, even when we are not dining there.

I saw several fellow friends in the blogging community who have really positive reviews on the Featherlight Cheesecake recipe from Alex Goh’s “Fantastic Cheesecake” and I couldn’t resist the temptation to try it as well.  Cathy from Cathy’s Joy and Jess from J3ss Kitch3n were a great source of motivation so despite not having tried this before, I jumped on the bandwagon and the cake was indeed true to what had been raved; the texture was very soft and light, totally effortless on the palate. Instead of using conventional creamcheese, I decided to use Fromage Blanc for the cake, since I bought a tub earlier in the week from Carrefour to have a taste of the real thing and compare with the ones I’d yielded from my earlier experimentation. Some modifications to the original recipe were made and I’d listed them below.


Fromage Blanc DIY

Formage Blanc

I’d always been intrigued by how milk becomes cheese. The process, despite being easily rationalised by science, remains much of a mystic to me. Actually, I pretty much want it that way. Kinda keeps the magic alive for me. haha… heed not, that’s just silly me talking.

Yesterday, I’d decided that I wanna experience the magic for myself and found an easy to work with recipe to make Fromage Blanc, a soft french white cheese which is ideal for making creamy desserts, without the density and heaviness of phillys and mascarpone.