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Japan Mar 2011 Day 1 – Sights and Sounds of Shinsaibashi

This post is way overdue. Been back from Japan for over a month now and finally gotten for a decent post for the trip. Wet took a Jetstar (Yes! we are cheapos!!!) flight from SIN to KIX with a transit at TPE.

Since its a budget airline, the tickets WERE much cheaper than a full-service airline. And we bought the tickets real cheap as there was an inaugural launch promo at the time of booking. But I stressed heavily on the WERE part as we had to make an adjustment to the itinerary. We booked the tickets real early, back in May 2010 if my memory hasn’t failed me (Yes! we are kiasu too!) for Nov 2010. But there was a change of plans in August 2010 as J changed jobs and the Nov 2010 dates were right smack during the initial months of work. Not gonna leave a very nice impression if we’d gone on a holiday then. So we’d decided to postpone it to this March. A hefty price we had to pay for the top-ups, admin charges etc. And it certainly didn’t help to know that SIA was having a promo for the dates we were going. But SQ’s flight timings were horrendous. Beggars can’t be choosers I guess, but so much for consolation!!!

Anyway, I’d digressed.