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Aspiring Bakers #17: March Macaron Madness!!! Giveaway Results

This is gonna be a short post. As promised in the opening of Aspiring Bakers #17 – March Macaron Madness! (Mar 2012) exactly a month back, I would be giving out two copies of Chef Jose Marechal’s “Secrets of Macarons to two of the participants of the events. So swiftly the month went by and during the roundup, we received a whooping 48 entries from all over the world, from Malaysia to Perth and even Seattle! So who won the two books? Click on to find out!


Aspiring Bakers #17: March Macaron Madness!!! (March 2012) [ROUND-UP]

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First and foremost, a big Thank You to all our fellow sisters from the Aspiring Bakers’ family who had participated in “March Macaron Madness!!!” All this would only be possible because of you! So give yourselves a big pat on the back yeah?! Some of you could not make it in time for the event due to personal commitments but still made it a point to drop me a note over facebook,  emails or comments on the blog to show your encouragement and support. I’m truly touched and overwhelmed by all the kind words. Seemingly a trivial gesture, but it really meant loads to me! What a fun and funky month it had been!!! Macaron madness all over town!