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Moroccan Mint and Pistachio Tea Cake with Honey Almond Crust

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Ground too much of those silician pistachios from making Ladurée’s Financier Pistache. That’s just me being overtly zealous … or kiasu, depending on how you want to look at it! So I need use them up quickly before they start to lose all that lovely jadite green. So this is how this cake came about! I’d been wanting to bake this at home for some time already, after learning it at a tea cake class @ Palate Sensations 2 months back. Really love the texture and taste of the cake. Nothing like what I’d had before! Not that the good o’ butter pound is getting boring or what , but this is something which got me really excited. “Wow! Didn’t know a cake could taste like that!”



Sweet Musings on a Tea Cake Class @ Palate Sensations

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I love attending culinary classes! Being able to learn to bake a cake or whip up a dish first hand from a chef is often not something one can learn from reading recipes in cookbooks or even watching instructional videos over youtube. The ability to experience for oneself the right dough consistency, the right concoction of flavours, the right stirring technique etc, are just some of the things which cannot be easily replicated through static or even dynamic media. Most importantly, the upclose and personal encounter to observe chefs at work, and to interact and learn from them tête-à-tête is what I enjoy most about classes.

The first baking class I’d attended was a macaron class at Palate Sensations more than a year back. It was phenomenal and basically the onset for many more hours of fun and challenge to conjure these little French petit fours over the last year or so. Since then, I’d attended several other classes and workshops, most notably those at the World Gourmet Summit 2012 just weeks back. Those quick to notice would have observed that I’d not blogged about the other workshops, apart from the Ponthier Dessert Workshop by Chef Christophe Grilo. Doesn’t take much to guess why. The dessert workshop was good but the others, politely put, were much less pleasurable.

Anyway, putting the not-so-happy episodes aside, I’d received news over facebook that Palate Sensations was opening up their kitchens and conducting free baking classes for ex-students. What a lovely and generous gesture! A quick check of the schedule and I was thrilled as the timing for the teacake class suited me perfectly. So it was off to bake some cake!