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Japan Nov 2009 Day 2

Started the day at Tsukiji. Actually, we went Shinjuku first to get our tickets changed for Hakone.

Soba Tempura

Famous soba joint at Tsukiji outer market. It was recommended in both Taiwanese Tokyo guidebooks we had, so it is hopefully good. And it was! Just nice and piping hot for the cold weather. Obasan in charge of the tempura is grouchy though. Curtly reminded us that we can’t order tempura without having soba. The sign above her already said so. DUH! The soba is really tasty! Slurp Slurp! Hoped that her service was as palatable though. Oh yeah, its kinda pricy! Paid around 1500 Yen for two bowls of soba soup with Ebi tempura.

Soba Tempura

Hot soba with wakame (seaweed), negi (spring onions) and ebi tempura