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Banana and Cocoa Chiffon バナナとココアシフォン

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A quick post for a lazy Friday… TGIF! Banana-themed bakes usually comes to mind when one has overripened remnants of an unfinished comb at home. And for me, its no exception. My default bake is a classic banana butter cake, from a recipe which I’d been using since the days when I started baking. In fact, it was my very first cake! I remember being totally overwhelmed by the sweetness and aroma of a banana cake when I was very young, in much disbelief that its actually from the yellow-skinned fruit which I’d so used to eating. How drastically the flavours transformed upon cooking!

But this time round, I’d crave for a lighter cake and a chiffon seemed the most apt! Banana with chocolate had always been best pals for eternity. I remember when I was in Rockhampton, Australia more than 10 years back, my pals and I bought bananas and chocolate from a nearby Woolsworth. Dipped fresh bananas in melted down chocolate and set them in the chiller… Sheer bliss! But I was too lazy to melt chocolate last night. So I guess Valrhona cocoa powder would do just fine. So here it is, an impromptu Banana and Cocoa Chiffon バナナとココアシフォン 🙂



Moelleux Chocolat Framboise モワルー ショコラ フランボワーズ

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This is a guest post at Veronica’s blog “Quay Po Cooks” whom I got to know through the numerous Aspiring Bakers bakealongs. From a fellow blogger to a friend, this lady beams with so much postive aura and sunshine, it is infectious! I love reading her blog, where every recipe entails a story, heartwarming tales of her family and friends which often reminded us of our very own. Through the lines, she shares with us her moments of euphoria and sorrow, causing one to can’t help but let out a giggle or shed a tear as we read along. Her words are often simple, yet enriched with much sincerity. In short, this woman writes from her heart. When Veronica invited me to do a guest post on her blog, I knew I couldn’t say no. In fact, it would be such an honour, as a repayment in kind, for the very many wonderful reads. Thank you for letting us in your life. 🙂

I asked Veronica if she had any preference for the recipe and she indicated that she’d hoping for something sweet, since pastry is my forte. I am flattered but surely sweetness cannot be the only dimension presented, especially for a woman who has led such a colorful life, After much deliberation, I’d decided to share with all of you a recipe which I feel aptly encapsulates the essence of all that Veronica’s been through. Oh yes, if you have gone through her blog like I did, you would know that this woman has gone through quite a bit over the years. Read on and you would know why…


Food & Hotel Asia 2012 Day 2 – Asian Pastry Cup Day 1

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One of the main highlights of Food & Hotels Asia 2012 is the Asian Pastry Cup. The most prestigious event for pastry professionals, APC allows young patissiers from all over Asia to contest one another in terms of skills, technique and creativity for the top prize. The top three prize winners automatically qualify themselves for a place to compete in the uber prestigious “Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2013″ aka Pastry World Cup, traditionally held in Lyon, which en masse the best patissiers from all around the world. And by winning the Coupe du Monde, one basically get elevated to join the heights of the “pastry gods”. Easier said than done, as it is a competition with a lot of sweat and tears, as the teams battle against each other over long and gruelling hours to produce the best chocolate cake, best plated dessert, best sugar showpiece, best chocolate showpiece,…and finally the top prize!

In short, intensément!!!


Food & Hotel Asia 2012 Day 1 – Introduction and Recce

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Food  & Hotel Asia 2012 is one of the biggest F&B and hospitality related trade shows cum exhibitions in the world.  It is most certainly the largest in all Asia. This year, Singapore plays host to the mega event, utilising all the exhibition halls at Singapore EXPO. The scale of the event can be summarised in one word, MASSIVE!!! From machinery and tools for food processing, food storage, down to cutlery and crockery for meal service and presentation, with a wide selection of premium ingredients, like flour and butter, down to wines and spirits, a good display of fabric-related ware from hotel quality bedding to napkins and even chef’s wear and service staff uniforms, to a range of bathroom toiletries, FHA2012 aims to provide an all-encompassing experience, as well as to cater to the needs and wants from all aspects of these industries.

The trade show opened yesterday with incredibly long queues at both Halls 1 and 7, where trade visitors registered and were ushered into the exhibition halls, waiting to be enthralled and overwhelmed by the sheer scale and detail of the event.  It most certainly overwhelmed me! Literally flabbergasted. 5+ hours of walking, shopping, browsing, buying, sampling, eating and chatting… I’d covered barely half of the halls. So here’s a flood of photos I’d taken from the event so far. It doesn’t cover everything in the event, basically those aspect which I’m interested in, e.g. cooking, baking and pastry-making. So you would find lots of cakes, lots of ice-cream, lots of pastries, etc. Forgive me as the photos would not be of much artistic merit, since they were snapped in haste and most of the time, balancing the camera with one hand and a cup of gelato, or a freshly baked bun in the other. In fact, I can’t even find a decently appropriate photo for the introduction! But it gives you an idea of the scale and nature of event. Enjoy 🙂


Pierre Hermé’s Macaron Mogador

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Haven’t made macarons in quite a while now. I think I need to make it a point to go through it periodically. Macs are so temperamental and finicky that one can never be really sure he’s gotten them right. Going feetless, erupted tops, burnt shells, soggy bottoms are just some of the ways they would throw tantrums and get back at us in “silent protest” for the neglect and being all assuming with the “if you think you know me, well you don’t!” So drama huh? Well… ask a macaron maker and I’m pretty sure that he would have his own version of “Tales of Mac Macabre” to tell.