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Food & Hotel Asia 2012 Day 2 – FHA Culinary Challenge: Plated Appetisers

DSC_4066 s
Shooting this series of photographs is a love and hate relationship. Absolutely elated to be able to come face to face with these plates of delectables but the pain sets in when you can’t taste them. These are some of the entries for the “Hot and Cold Appetiser” category for the FHA Culinary Challenge, held in conjunction with Food & Hotel Asia 2012 just last week at the Singapore EXPO. The four-day event was well-attended by members of the trade as well as chefs from all over the world. I think the standards of the Culinary Challenge is very high, with participation from chefs from all over Asia as well as representatives from the major culinary institutions from the region. Here’s a really small selection of the pieces which I felt are really outstanding in terms of presentation. I can’t comment on their taste and unami-ness but some of them really scored in their visual appeal.

And thankfully, I was sufficiently sound to note the composition of most of the pieces, in hope that some of these presentations could be replicated in our own very kitchens. Be inspired.

DSC_4016 s
The opening photo is a Nut crusted rabbit rib with a chill pepper sauce. And this piece above is a Smoked rack of spring lamb with doaphinoise potato, red paprika chutney, and mint oil, thyme essence.
DSC_4019 s
Vegetarian Harmony” in three parts – (1) Preserved black sesame-spinach tofu with soy sauce jelly and curry aioli, fruits ricotta cheese sausage. (2) Buffulo cheese espuma with dried tomato and basil pesto aka Caprese in a cup. (3) Frittata pie with broccoli, paprika, black olives and chilli sauce.
DSC_4038 s
Seafood Tango in Boullaibaisse Soup, Saffron aioli on toasted
DSC_4041 s
(1) Roasted chicken breast with crushed hazelnut, (2) Braised chicken with mushroom terrine and portwine sauce
DSC_4047 s
Roast stuffed quail with marinated beetroot redcurrant jam and gastric sauce.
DSC_4074 s
Cletvelle cheese and blueberry sauce
DSC_4072 s
Tuna tartare with coucous and balsamic
DSC_4010 s
Tortellini of braised veal shank with onion marmalade and mint sabayon
DSC_4006 s
Macadamia nut of Foie Gras with  torchon-caramelised baby pear, balsamic reduction and lavosh
DSC_4003 s
” 墨宝” Pan-fried squid dumpling in fermented black bean and chilli, served with coriander and green lime sauce
DSC_3997 s
DSC_3994 s
Carpaccio, Poached lobster tail with smoked tomato coulis
DSC_3990 s
Variation of tomato, micro herbs and mozzarella salad with basil froth
DSC_3986 s
Herb crusted rack of rabbit with pistachio stuffed mushroom cake, au jus
DSC_3983 s
Loin of veal with raspberry in Madeira consomme terrine, orange and carrot puree
DSC_3981 s
DSC_3979 s
Salmon Confit with prawn ball, seared white bait in saffron cream
DSC_3942 s

Potato & Truffle Flan, gratinated gateaux of potato, potato chips and potato mousseline, braised leek terrine, romanesco cauliflower florets, truffle aioli
DSC_3939 s
“Boullabaisse” – seafood consomme with fennel scallop mousse, grilled needle fish, scallop royale, poached squid capsicum roll, steamed mussels and citrus-infused pickled root vegetables.
DSC_3944 s
Citrus-poached marron claw with Alaskan King Crab Medallion, tomato sorbet, tomato gelee, tomoto chips and green tomato coulis
DSC_3949 s
“Wonderland Garden” – Cold smoked scallop, scallop mousseline, scallop tartare in cigar, served with cauliflower puree, chestnut chips and seasonal vegetables.
DSC_3954 s
The Rabbit’s Farm – Roasted Duck Breast, duck leg confit ravioli with pearl garlic on coffee soil
DSC_3958 s
Reduced pork belly in ginseng mousse and fried quail egg
DSC_3961 s
Rice-paper wrapped bulgogi with consomme gelee
DSC_3962 s
Egg custard with seafood and lemon soy sauce
DSC_3966 s
Baby lobster witrh crunchy vegetables in curry coconut broth
DSC_3971 s
Jeruselem artichoke soup with seared scallop and foie gras
DSC_3973 s
Zebra tomato confit with buffalo mozzarella and cherry balsamic reduction
DSC_3977 s
Poached Yabby with Chilean seabass with olive crust, crabclaw terrine and green pea soup

Now that’s quite a “mouthful” isn’t it? Done with the savory and back to the sweet! Stay tuned for the entries of the plated desserts competition!

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