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一个人的午餐 – Linguini con Salsiccia e Porcini Balsamico

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Lunch at home alone is usually very simple fanfare. One-pot meals are even too much of a hassle and takes too much time sometimes so its usually down to a simple fried rice or noodle dish with pantry or freezer available ingredients. Pasta is one of my all-time favorite options, effortless to prepare and require almost no time at all. And on today’s lunch menu, Linguini con Salsiccia e Porcini Balsamico… a very long name for an extremely simple dish 🙂

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This is an “aglio olio” pasta dish which requires garlic and olive oil as a base. No elaborated bachamel sauce or bolognaise making. No prolonged stewing. Simple, short and sweet savory. 🙂
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Linguini con Salsiccia e Porcini Balsamico (serves 1)


A portion of dried linguini (or pasta of your choice)
A handful of dried porcini/cepes (can be replaced with other mushrooms)
A italian sausage
A few sprigs of italian parsley
2 cloves of garlic
Whitish bulb portion of spring onions (optional)
3 tbsp of olive oil
Pinch of salt and pepper to taste
A few sploshes of aged balsamic vinegar
Water to cook pasta
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Reconstitute dried porcini in water for 15-20 min. Drain and set aside. Retain porcini soaking water.
Cut italian sausage into thick slices
Slice garlic cloves and bulbs of spring onion. Set aside.
Chop italian parsley finely.
In a pot of water, add a pinch of salt and cook pasta until al dente
While pasta is cooking, start with the other ingredients.
Add olive oil to a saute pan.
Add garlic and spring onion bulb and saute until fragrant. Add italian sausage and saute until slightly brown and crisp.
With a pair of tongs, transferr just cooked pasta over sauteing ingredients. Add a few tbsp of porcini soaking water to moisten if necessary.
Season with salt and pepper, a few generous sploshes of aged balsamic vinegar and part of chopped parsley.
Give all the ingredients and pasta a good toss to ensure that everything is well mixed.
Plate and embellish with remaining parsley.
Serve immediately.

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A really easy recipe, as most of my pasta recipes are and should be. But rest assure that the flavours are not compromised in anyway. Just make sure that fresh and premium ingredients are used,and half the work is already done! Bon appetit!
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