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An Evening with Chef Daniel Boulud @ db Bistro & Oyster Bar

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db Bistro & Oyster Bar located in the Celebrity Chefs’ wing of Marina Bay Sands Singapore relaunched a couple of months back after its refurbishment to incorporate a seafood and oyster bar, as well as a new menu! During a recent dinner, not only did I get to sample some of the finest dishes from this French-American casual dining restaurant has to offer, it was also a tremendous privilege of having the opportunity to meet up with Chef Daniel Boulud himself, the celebrity French chef who has been immensely successful with his restaurants in the US, Canada and London, most notably the Michelin-starred ‘Daniel’ in New York.



Passion by Gerard Dubois @ Hong Kong

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Our recent trips to Hong Kong have been more exciting than ever! The local pastry scene has picked up considerably over the last couple of years and it has never been short of new joints to try or places which we’d enjoyed to revisit. Passion by Gerard Dubois is one of the latest addition to the growing number of new places to go for fine pastry in Hong Kong. Being a patisserie, boulangerie and confiserie all at once, it opened in 2012 in Wanchai, the heart of the CBD district in Hong Kong. So for our latest trip in 2013, it only seemed right to pay them a visit.

品悅糖 Pâtisserie La Douceur @ Taipei … a revisit

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Yes we are back here again! We’d visited them back in 2011 and were quite impressed with their creations then. Hence, we’d decided to come back again on our next trip to Taipei. Found out through a fellow blogger Chelle that their selection changes periodically. Well, we kinda figured that out as what she sampled looked entirely different from what we’d tried!

Dean & DeLuca @ Orchard Central, Singapore

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It opened on 22nd June 8 pm. Couldn’t wait any longer with all that pent up anticipation. Less than 24 hours later, we are here to check out the place. So here’s a little tour of what food heaven could possibly be like.

Dean & DeLuca, a name which is almost synonymously associated with gourmet foods and premium epicurean purveying, finally opened its flagship store in Singapore at Orchard Central two days back. Yes finally! Before it opened, it created quite a bit of hype, first with its very own miniature scale reality cooking contest “Be a Chef in 7 Days” where contestants pitted against each other to vie for the top spot to be crowned “Chef” after 7 days… if that’s ever possible 🙂 It also joins a rapidly growing list of gourmet food stores and purveyors like Jone the Grocer, Culina, Le Bon Marche, Cut the Mustard, Le Petite Provence etc, just to name a few… to provide Singaporeans with a wider choice of culinary and gourmandising options. Its entry into the local market, made possible by Kitchen Language, the F&B arm of Far East Organisation (yes, the company that builds perpetually every other condominium project!), is surely a tell-tale sign that the tastebuds of the local crowd have become more refined, and their palates more sophisticated and discerning over the last couple of years. It would perhaps mark the beginning of a golden age of epicurean hedonism here in Singapore, but all awaits to be seen if this is for real or only but a bubble…


Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery Part 1- Mont Blanc

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Serangoon Central was my “turf”, having lived in that neighbourhood for a good 14 years, spending the latter years of my childhood and early adolescent years there. Though we’d moved away for more than 10 years now, I still find myself frequenting the place, especially since I work near the vicinity. Shopping at NTUC Xtra and Cold Storage for groceries, browsing new cookbooks in the public library on the rooftop became much of a tea-time ritual before setting off to the evening appointments. Even so, I rarely dine there, save for some occasional visits to some delis in the basement or grabbing a sandwich at Subway when my tummy starts to rumble. This is because I’m usually there alone, lazing the afternoons away, or sneaking some time to grab some fresh produce when I’m in between appointments. That’s why despite walking pass Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery umpteen times over the countless visits, I’d not opt for any takeaways from their cake fridge, as I’d feared that the delicate mousse or cream layers simply wouldn’t be able to make the trip home as I almost never go back directly, having to spend another couple of hours before heading home.

Hence, when the day came when I actually had the evening free, I didn’t have to think twice about grabbing a cake from the Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery home for some photos and a quick sampling. In fact, I did better than that! I grabbed four…

Marron Glacé

marron glace
I had the good fortune of getting hold of some really big and fat chestnuts recently, not to mention being able to hand choose the plump and round ones myself! A right start for making myself some marron glacé!